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Men for God pt1.mp4
Men for God Pt2.mp4

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When God numbered Israel, He counted the men over twenty who were able to fight. When Jesus began to build his Church, He chose twelve men, most of whom worked with their hands. The New Testament letters are well addressed to ‘brothers’…
Why is it easier to get women converted than men?
What are the differences between men and women?
Is a man’s daily work a necessary evil or is his full-time Christian service?
How can we disciple men today?
These and many other questions about the roles and responsibilities of men are answered by David Pawson, who for some years has been leading seminars for men in this Country and overseas under the banner of ‘Men for God’.

Natural Disasters – A Biblical Perspective.mp4    

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If God is all-powerful and all-loving, how can he allow things like tsunamis and earthquakes to happen? In this talk, David Pawson looks at the devastating tsunami on December 26, 2004 and gives us a Biblical perspective to help understand.

Normal Christian Birth.mp4   For DVDs on Normal Christian Birth, click HERE
David Pawson believes that a Normal Christian birth means greater growth in a healthy Christian life. He discusses some crucial texts and passages on the subject and gives practical advice on helping potential disciples to repent, believe, be baptised and receive the Spirit. The DVD running time is four hours, divided into six teaching sessions of 40 mins each. Very good and suitable for group discussion.
1. Born Again
2. Repent of Your Sins Towards God
3. Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ
4. Be Baptised in Water
5. Receive The Holy Spirit
6. Saved At Last

Uniqueness of Christ.mp4    For DVDs on Uniqueness of Christ, Click HERE

Our society is based on a variety of philosophies – pluralism, rationalism, socialism and so on.
How is the Christian life to be different?
David Pawson discusses Jesus Christ’s claim to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. He examines His miraculous power and moral purity and describes the essential qualities of His uniqueness which extends beyond his earthly life.
The DVD running time is nearly four hours, divided into six teaching sessions of 35-40 mins each. Very suitable for group discussion.
1. Is He the only way?
2. What is Truth?
3. Were His Deeds and Words Unique?
4. Who did He Think He Was?
5. When Did His Life End?
6. When Did His Life Begin?

Word and Spirit Together Pt1.mp4
Word and Spirit Together Pt2.mp4

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Charismatics & Evangelicals: Are We ready to Come Together?
For the last quarter of a century, Charismatics and Evangelicals have been moving closer together. The time is ripe, maintains David Pawson, for the two fastest growing streams in Christendom to be fully integrated.
With personal experience of both, and a passionate desire to see them united, David Pawson has made a searching study of their remaining differences which he believes can be resolved without compromise.
After defining and clarifying their positions, he addresses such critical points of divergence as theology and experience, prophecy and scripture, initiation, tongues, ministry and holiness. The challenge for both, he maintains, is to reconsider their traditional understanding in the light of all the biblical data.

Baptism in New Testament.mp4   For DVDs on Baptism in NT, click HERE

An interview recorded at Heaven TV7, Finland in Sept. 2007
These two interviews with David Pawson, discussing the principles and practises of baptism, were broadcast on television in Finland, after a public debate on this crucial issue with theological professors of the State Lutheran Church in that country, which practises the indiscriminate christening of babies. David Pawson describes his own journey from that position to what he believes to be the Biblical one of baptising repentant believers by immersion

Matthew Pt1.mp4
Matthew Pt2.mp4
Song of songs.mp4

For Unlocking the Bible Series–Old Testament DVDs, click HERE

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Unlocking the Bible Series

In this series, the Old and New Testaments are explored with a view to answering one simple question: why was this book written?
In each case there is a human answer (the immediate situation) and a divine answer (the ultimate purpose). Both prove to be the keys to unlock each book for the interested reader.
”The Bible has become a new book for me” is the typical response from viewers, and these DVDs are the fruit of forty years of studying and teaching the bible by David Pawson.

The teaching is divided into sections, each lasting about forty minutes. They are designed for group discussion in your church or fellowship as well as personal study.

Most of the DVDs have a running time of about 80 mins. but do vary between 60 and 120 mins depending on the length of the study.

We now have 72 DVDs covering every message available on Videos. There are 25 discs covering the ‘Unlocking the Old Testament’, with 18 covering the whole of the ‘Unlocking the New Testament’.

… more to update…

Check our Youtube Channel for the previous video for the 2013 programs below:
30th MARCH 2013—-Paul and His letters 保羅和保羅書信
6th April 2013—- Mark 馬可福音
13th April 2013—-Luke 路加福音
20th April 2013—-Acts Pt1 使徒行傳(一)  27th April 2013 –Acts Pt2 使徒行傳(二)
4th May 2013 –Ephesians 以弗所書
11th May 2013–1 Thessalonians 帖撒羅尼迦前書
18th May 2013–2 Thessalonians 帖撒羅尼迦後書
25th May 2013–Colossians 歌罗西
1st June 2013–Hebrews Part 1 希伯來書(一)   8th June 2013–Hebrews Part 2 希伯來書(二)
15th June 2013–Peter 1 彼得前書     22nd June 2013–Peter 2 彼得後書
29th June 2013–Matthew Pt1 馬太福音(一)   6th July 2013–Matthew Pt2 馬太福音(二)
13th July 2013–Letters of John Pt1 約翰書信(一)
20th July 2013–Letters of John Pt2 約翰書信(二)
27th July 2013–1&2 Corinthians Pt1 哥林多前後書(一)
3th August 2013–1&2 Corinthians Pt2 哥林多前後書(二)
10th August 2013–Galatians Pt1 加拉太書(一)17th August 2013–Galatians Pt2 加拉太書(二)
24th August 2013–Romans Pt1 罗马書(一)31st August 2013–Romans Pt2 罗马書(二)
7th Sep 2013–Philippians & Philemon Pt1  腓立比書&腓利門書(一)
14th Sep 2013 –Philippians & Philemon Pt2  腓立比書&腓利門書(二)
21st Sep 2013–Timothy&Titus Pt1 提摩太書/提多書(一)
28th Sep 2013–Timothy&Titus Pt2 提摩太書/提多書(二)
5th Oct 2013–James Pt1 雅各書 (一)
12th Oct 2013–James Pt2 雅各書 (二)
19th Oct 2013–John Pt1 約翰書(一)
26th Oct 2013–John Pt2 約翰書(二)
2nd Nov 2013–Jude  犹大书
9th Nov 2013–Revelation PT1 啟示錄(一)
16th Nov 2013–Revelation Pt2  啟示錄(二)
23rd Nov 2013–Revelation Pt3  啟示錄(三)
Next Sat. coming up…30th Nov 2013–Revelation Pt4  啟示錄(四)

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6 Responses to FREE MP4

  1. we would just like to thank you so very much for the these free dvd’s that you have made available to churches like ours who are being brought into the modern world and David is opening up the bible to us! May God bless you abudantly for such work!

    All at Hope Church. I have sent to order other Dvd’s I hope I have done it correctly?

    Mrs Lana Morgan. x

  2. sharon currey says:

    How generous of David Pawson and you for giving to the world these free dvd’s. I am so grateful for such truly Christian works. I thirst; and David Pawson’s teachings help so much. I have purchased his “Unlocking the Bible” and feel I have one of the great treasures of God in my home. God bless His servants.

  3. Philip R Bartholomew says:

    thank you,I used your dvd .unlocking the bible .well worth maybe somthing for you. REV 14.1-3 why seeing them before hearing them =they traveled at speed ,reaching desternation before sound chatchs up?

  4. Althea Hill says:

    Thank you for making these teachings free and accessible for all.Salvation is a free gift but I’m sure it does cost you to make them available. I pray that God bless you abundantly and supply all your needs.
    I listen to Mr Pawson everyday and my life has changed in so many ways. Truth and understanding are such rare commodities especially in the churches sadly. I realise everyday how little I know and I’m inspired to be able to share the truth that has been revealed to me by Mr Pawson. Holy Spirirt continue to prosper His ministry.

    It gives me joy to be able to read the bible with understanding and as a whole and to understand the scriptures in their context. I used to be blessed by the word of God but now I am challenged and the challenge has caused me to take action. Glory to God.

    Lots of love

    South Africa

  5. Bob Love says:

    Excellent teaching.Glad that David made these teaching marterials free.Im sure the Lord will bless and provide through others who can give generously for thos of us who cannot.Thanks again.

  6. Margaret Anthony says:

    I have listened to David’s tapes, Videos and now MP3s for forty years and have been so blessed with them. I would like to say Thankyou to him for his work and encouragement in my Christian Life. Such wonderful messages and insights from the Holy Spirit. He has been the most influencial teacher I have had and conveys truth so simply and effectively – any one can understand his talks. They’re great and have helped me so much.
    I owe an eternal weight of gratitude to him – his reward will be great!
    I bought an MP3 stick a while ago in case his teachings went off the internet! Someone please pass on my thanks to him – and praise to God for him!
    May God bless him and Enid.

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