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Prayer Against the Devil.mp3
Prayer in the Spirit.mp3
For more messages on Prayers, click Prayer Series

Salvation — Saved from Sin.mp3
Salvation — Saved By Grace.mp3
For more messages on Salvation, click Salvation Series

Christian Efficiency–Use of our time.mp3
Christian Efficiency–Use of our Money.mp3
For more messages on Christian Efficiency, click Christian Efficiency Series

Four Marks of the True Church — Suffering.mp3
Four Marks of the True Church — Unity.mp3
For more messages on Four Marks of the True Church, click Four Marks of the True Church Series

The Character of God — Almighty Bountiful Creator.mp3
The Character of God — Divinity, Eternal, Fatherly, Good.mp3
For more messages on The Character of God, click The Character of God Series

Easter Studies — It is finished.mp3
Easter Studies — Burial of Jesus.mp3
For total 14 messages on Easter Studies, click Easter Studies Series

Remarriage After Divorce — Biblical Principles.mp3
For more messages on Remarriage after Divorce, click Remarriage after Divorce


  • David Pawson Bible Teachings Chapter by Chapter

Matthew Chapter 1 1-17.mp3
Matthew Chapter 1 18-25.mp3
For total 13 audio messages on Matthew, click Studies on Matthew

John Chapter 1 1-4.mp3
John Chapter 1 4-18.mp3
For total 29 audio messages on John, click Studies on John

Luke Chapter 1 1-38.mp3
Luke Chapter 1 39-56.mp3
For total 33 audio messages on Luke, click Studies on Luke

Mark Chapter 1 1-13.mp3
Mark Chapter 1 14-45.mp3
For total 18 audio messages on Mark, click Studies on Mark

Acts Introduction and Chapter 1:1-26
Acts Chapter 2:1-21.mp3
For total 33 audio messages on Acts, click Studies on Acts

Romans Introduction.mp3
Romans Chapter 1:1-15.mp3
For total 27 audio messages on Romans, click Studies on Romans

1 Corinthians Chapter 1:1-17.mp3
2 Corinthians Chapter 1:1-11.mp3
For total 31 audio messages on Corinthians, click Studies on Corinthians

Galatians Introduction.mp3
Galatians Chapter 1:1-10.mp3
For total 13 audio messages on Galatians, click Studies on Galatians

Ephesians Chapter 1:1-10.mp3
For total 12 audio messages on Ephesians, click Studies on Ephesians

Philippians Introduction.mp3
Philippians Chapter 1:1-11.mp3
For total 11 audio messages on Philippians, click Studies on Philippians

Colossians Introduction.mp3
Colossians Chapter 1:1-8.mp3
For total 10 audio messages on Colossians, click Studies on Colossians

1 Thessalonians Chapter 1.mp3
For total 10 audio messages on Thessalonians, click Studies on Thessalonians

1 Timothy Chapter 1:1-2.mp3
2 Timothy Chapter 1:1–2:13.mp3
For total 10 audio messages on Timothy, click Studies on Timothy


Minor Prophets

Joel Chapter 1:1 — 2:17.mp3
Amos Chapter 1-2.mp3
Jonah Chapter 1:1-16.mp3
Micah Chapter 1.mp3
Habakkuk Chapter 1:1-11.mp3
For total 37 audio messages on Minor prophets, click Studies on Minor Prophets



  •  David Pawson Bible Teachings on different topics

Disc 4

Revelation Riddle: How was it written
Revelation Riddle: Why was it written
For total 10 audio messages on Baptism, click Studies on Revelation Riddle

Peter — The Reed and The Rock — John 1_19-42 : Peter called
Peter — The Reed and The Rock — Luke_8 : Peter Witnesses

For total 17 audio messages on Minor prophets, click Studies on Peter


Baptism–What does Baptise mean
Baptismal Services – The Sacrament
Baptismal Services_ OT_ Circumcision
For total 14 audio messages on Baptism, click Studies on Baptism

Church Membership — The Church of Jesus Christ
Church Membership — What is the Church For
For total 16 audio messages on Church Membership, click Studies on Church Membership

Church History  A30-AD400
Church History AD400-AD1400
For total 10 audio messages on Church History, click Studies on Church History

The Holy Spirit Introduction
The Holy Spirit – The Old Testament
For total 20 audio messages on the Holy Spirit, click Studies on The Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit -Baptism of the Spirit
Gifts of the Spirit – Laying on of hands
For total 10 audio messages on gifts of Spirit, click Studies on Gifts of the Spirit

Life After Death – Death should we welcome it
Life After Death – Between Death And Resurrection
For total 6 audio messages on the Life After Death, click Studies on Life after Death

The Lord’s Prayer – Our Father Who Art In Heaven
The Lord’s Prayer – Forgive Us Our Trespasses
For total 11 audio messages on the Lord’s Prayer, click Studies on The Lord’s Prayer

The Character of Jesus – The Obedience of Jesus
The Character of Jesus – The compassion of Jesus
For total 14 audio messages on the Character of Jesus, click Studies on The Character of Jesus


For “Unlocking the Bible” –New Testament MP3 Downloads:

David Pawson – Unlocking the New Testament – Introduction to Matthew.mp3
David Pawson – Unlocking the New Testament – Acts part a.mp3
David Pawson – Unlocking the New Testament – Acts part b.mp3
David Pawson – Unlocking the New Testament – James part a.mp3
David Pawson – Unlocking the New Testament – James part b.mp3

For more, click HERE


For “Unlocking the Bible” –Old Testament MP3 Downloads:

David Pawson – Unlocking the Old Testament – Abraham Isaac Jacob.mp3
David Pawson – Unlocking the Old Testament – Exodus pt1.mp3
David Pawson – Unlocking the Old Testament – Exodus pt2.mp3

For more, click HERE


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11 Responses to FREE MP3

  1. Useful information. Lucky me I discovered your website unintentionally, and I am surprised why this coincidence did not happened earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  2. fe b. ciriaco says:

    I listen every night to pstr pawson’s messages I downloaded.

    Pray he lives till JEsus comes.

    Pls pray for my pastor husband that JEsus baptizes him with the Holy SPirit.

    Thank GOd for preachers like pstr david pawson.

    Sad that his books are sold in my country..philippines

  3. Bonnie says:

    What happened to the old website with all the Old and New Testament books taught? (This was different from the Unlocking the Bible series.) This has been a recent change, as of 9/27/15. Thanks!

  4. Ally says:

    Totally inspired. I’ve learned to love Jesus so much more. Thank you Mr Pawson

  5. princessofhope says:

    thank you for letting God use you Mr. Pawson. We always listen to you and your sermons. Hoping for your good health always. keep the fire burning. To God be all the Glory.

  6. Torry says:

    I ask all believers in Jesus Christ to pray for my salvation …my name is Torry Msimango …I want to be a christian but for some reason I feel that something is blocking me…for the first time Christianity is making sense to me…after Listening to David Pawson

    • . says:

      Listen to and watch Joyce meyer on youtube. There are books also. It is very simple life application teachings. Read her book battlefield of the mind plus other televant titles according to what is going on and read up on the Holy Spirit also

      You need good simple Bible like NIV 1984. They also do a life application study Bible.

      You need a good Church. Non denominational or pentecostal sounds good but it is whether they teach the truth. Hillsong is good but not sure where you live.

      If you want saving you should confess with your mouth and believe with Your heart that Jesus is Lord;

      Say this out loud.
      Dear God i know i an a sinner and need Your forgiveness. I believe that Jesus Christ died to save me from my sins. Lord Jesus please come into my heart and life as my personal savior. Holy Spirit please fill me and guide me. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen

      Click this link below.
      Hope it helps.

  7. David J says:

    The insights & wisdom God has given David are wonderfully released through this man.
    He doesn’t shrink back but “ministers grace without disgrace”. He calls as it is yet seems to get the balance right through his teachings.
    If you want to cut through all the religious hype then this is your to help guide you along life’s way. He simplifies the seemingly complex which is a breath of fresh air.

  8. dorothy higgins says:

    I found your book Unlocking the Bible and was so curious to see what you had to say about the rapture and end times as I was so unsettled with the pretrib outlook. It just didn’t seem to fit and I thought I was so unspiritual that that was why I couldn’t understand it. It never seemed to fit the actual words in the bible…….and guess what it didn’t. Thank-you so much for standing for truth. I am learning and studying every day. I can’t get enough of the word . God bless you and your wife. Dorothy

  9. Amos Yoram Samwel says:

    My self iam very attracted for your doctrine because iam listern to tearn institute schorar’s from Tanzania. I want to my LORD one day, becaming to read your books like as THE UNLOCKING BIBLE! God bless YOU! WELLCOME TANZANIA.

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